Technologia T-Splines do ZWCAD+


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Skoro jak na razie problem z wdrożeniem AcDbSubDMesh idzie opornie to może sporo lepsza technologia

T-Splines byłaby łatwiejsza do wdrożenia.





NURBS frog (11625 control points) Courtesy Zygote Media



T-Splines frog (5035 control points)


"100% compatibility to NURBS

All T-Splines surfaces are 100% compatible with NURBS and create gap-free, smooth and manufacturable surfaces. T-Splines surfaces can be converted to untrimmed NURBS surfaces, and vice-versa, without any loss or change to the surface shape.

T-Splines provides a far more efficient conversion of designs to NURBS than converting directly from subdivision or polygonal modelers. T-Splines bridges gaps between popular polygonal modeling capabilities and traditional NURBS modeling."



Above: Duck toy model converted from polygons to T-Splines to NURBS



"The T-Spline technology addresses some important limitations that are inherent in conventional NURBS surfaces. T-Splines are based on solid mathematical principles. An important practical consideration is that T-Splines are forward and backward compatible with NURBS.
--Dr. Rich Riesenfeld, Founder of B-splines in CAD"



Proszę o wsparcie tej technologii u ZWSOFT - jest sporo lepsza od AcDbSubDMesh,

i ma ogromny przyszłościowy potencjał do zastosowań klasycznych w ZWCAD+,

architektonicznych do ZWCAD ARCHITECTURE lub Mechanical także.

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Cytuję Jenny z ZWSOFT:

"hi Martin, thank you for the information. There is still rooms for improvement regarding of ZWCAD+ 3D function. smile.gifWe have considered some technologies and your suggestion would be helpful too, our Product Manager will look into it, thank you."




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